Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Research results

Research results in 2015

Number and title of the research direction in accordance with the Program of fundamental scientific research of National academies of sciences for 2013-2020:

81. Dynamics study of the correlation between the global and the national in socio-economic development and optimization of Russia’s participation in regional and global integration processes.

  1. Project No. 0168-2014-0001 Issues of economic integration, security and development of territories and industrial complexes in the context of WTO [pdf]

83. Development of mathematical and econometric tools, as well as theoretical and methodological basic concepts for the analyzing, modelling and forecasting of living standards and lifestyle of population: macro- and regional aspects.

  1. Project No. 0168-2014-0002 Reproduction of territory’s population: trends and reserves [pdf]
  2. Project No. 0168-2014-0003 The quality of population’s life in the context of the transition from market transformation to economy’s modernization [pdf]
  3. Project No. 0168-2014-0004 Sociocultural modernization in Russia, situation in the regions [pdf]

84. Analysis and modelling of the impact of knowledge-driven economy and information technologies on structural changes, economic growth and living quality

  1. Project No. 0168-2014-0005 Managing human potential and innovative development of the territory [pdf]
  2. Project No. 0168-2014-0006 Methodology of the knowledge-driven economy formation in regions [pdf]
  3. Project No. 0168-2014-0007 Issues of theory development and implementation of social innovations [pdf]

86. Development of the unified system theory and tools for the modelling of performance, evolution and interaction of socio-economic objects of nano-, micro- and mesoeconomic levels (theory and models of socio-economic synthesis)

  1. Project No. 0168-2014-0008 Studying factors and methods of territorial systems’ sustainable development [pdf]
  2. Project No. 0168-2014-0009 Methodology and practice in local territories’ development management [pdf]
  3. Project No. 0168-2014-0010 Social responsibility of business and socio-economic development, competitiveness of socio-economic systems [pdf]

87. Elaboration of the strategy for the transformation of socio-economic space and territorial development in Russia

  1. Project No. 0168-2014-0011 Social consolidation of the regional community [pdf]
  2. Project No. 0168-2014-0012 The quality of management in social sphere [pdf]
  3. Project No. 0168-2014-0013 Improvement of the mechanisms for effective implementation of territories’ financial and economic, recreational and tourist potential [pdf]