Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Federal State Budgetary Institution of Sciences

Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISEDT RAS)


56A, Gorky Street, Vologda, 160014, Russia.


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Personnel department:

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Public purchases:

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Building №1, 56A, Corky Street

  • Receiving office of the Director
  • Receiving office of the Scientific Director
  • Department of Financial and Economic Planning and Business Accounting
  • Department of Planning, Record Management, International Cooperation and Control
  • Department of Staffing and Legal Support
  • Scientific Library

Building №2, 54A, Gorky Street

  • Department for the Studies of the Problems of Scientific and Technological development and Knowledge Economy
  • Laboratory of Laboratory for Innovation
  • Technology Transfer Center
  • Laboratory of Intellectual, Programming and Information Systems
  • Sector of Technical Support and Information Security

Building №3, 56A, Gogol’ Street

  • Department for the Studies of Lifestyles and Standards of Living
  • Laboratory for Researching Potential Development Issues
  • Laboratory for Researching Administration Issues in the Social Sphere
  • Laboratory for Socio-Economic Studies

Building №4, 23, Komsomolskaya Street

  • Department of Editorial-and-Publishing Activity and Science-Information Support
  • Sector of Editorial-and-Publishing activity
  • Sector of Science-Information Studies and Marketing

Building №5, 23A, Komsomolskaya Street

  • Department for the Studies of the Influence of Integration Processes in Science and Education on Regional Development
  • Sector of Postgraduate School

Building №6, 49, Gogol’ Street

  • Department for the Studies of Socio-Economic Development Problems and Management in Territorial Systems
  • Laboratory for Researching Spatial Development and Economics of Location
  • Sector for Researching Issues of Efficiency of Socio-Economic Systems Management
  • Laboratory for Modelling and Forecasting of Territories’ Socio-Economic Development
  • Laboratory for Researching Issues of Public Finance
  • Typograph

Building №7, 51, Gogol’ Street

  • Laboratory for Researching Social Processes and State Administration Efficiency
  • Department of Full Repairs and Maintenance