Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Council of Young Scientist

The Council of young scientists and researchers of ISEDT RAS was founded pursuant to the Order of the Director. Its main goal is to unite young researchers and specialists for collaborative work, to make a contribution to the development of the Institute, and to assist professional becoming and growth of young scientists.

The information concerning the Council is presented on the website of REC.

Main goals of the Council comprise:

  • Development and implementation of programs and activities for young people’s involving into active professional and public work.
  • Promotion of ISEDT RAS leading researchers’ knowledge and experience transfer to young people.
  • Arrangement of the information exchange between young scientists and specialists of ISEDT RAS.
  • Distribution and exchange of information about printed and electronic sources of professional data, grants, funds, programs for support of young researchers, conferences, scientific seminars, etc.
  • Promotion of publishing, presenting at scientific forums and implementing of the results of young researchers’ work.
  • Organization of conferences, research-to-practice seminars, schools, sport competitions and other events for young researchers.
  • Assistance in solving young researchers’ professional and social problems.
  • Providing assistance to ISEDT RAS administration in organizing and conducting of scientific, practical, and festive events.
  • Promotion of the conserving and reviving of existing traditions, and the forming of the new ones in ISEDT RAS.
  • Arranging of cooperation with young scientists in the Russian Federation and other countries.

20 members and the Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists have been elected at the organizational meeting.

The first session of the Council of Young Scientists, where 18 members were present, took place on the 18th of February 2014. At the meeting a Vice-Chairman and a Secretary were elected. The Chairman of the Council determined frequency of meetings as once a month. Besides, the initiative group of ISEDT RAS postgraduate students suggested inviting graduates to the meeting of the Council.

Members of the Council of Young Scientists


Golovchin Maksim Aleksandrovich

Researcher, Ph.D. in Economics

Phone: 59-78-10 (ext.314)

E-mail: mag82@mail.ru

Members of the Council of Young Scientists

  • Anishchenko Alesya Nikolaevna, Ph.D. in Economics
  • Bushmanova Anna Stanislavovna
  • Gebel' Liliya Vladimirovna
  • Gruzdeva Mariya Andreevna
  • Kabakova Elena Alekseevna
  • Kuz'min Il'ya Vladimirovich
  • Lukin Evgenii Vladimirovich
  • Makoveev Vitalii Nikolaevich
  • Mironenko Elena Stanislavovna, Ph.D. in Philology
  • Pechenskaya Mariya Aleksandrovna, Ph.D. in Economics
  • Popov Andrei Vasil'evich
  • Rossoshanskii Aleksandr Igorevich
  • Senicheva Natal'ya Nikolaevna
  • Uskov Vladimir Sergeevich, Ph.D. in Economics
  • Ustinova Kseniya Aleksandrovna, Ph.D. in Economics
  • Chekavinskii Aleksandr Nikolaevich, Ph.D. in Economics