Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Since 2005 the Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of RAS has been carrying out activities to promote transfer and commercialization of technologies for the benefit of higher education institutions, scientific organizations and the region’s enterprises. In November, 2014 a separate division was created – Technology Transfer Center of the Department of scientific and technological development and knowledge economy.

The activity of the Center aims at the conduction of research and applied work in the sphere of transfer and commercialization of technologies within the studying of economic growth issues, scientific bases of regional policy, sustainable development of territories and municipalities, transformation of socio-economic space, and socio-economic problems of territories’ scientific and innovative activities development.

ISEDT RAS is a member of the Russian network of technology transfer, the British-Russian innovative network, the French-Russian technological network, the network of the Republican transfer technology center (Belarus).

Technology Transfer Center carries out activities in the following directions:

  • Placement of technological offers, requests for technologies in Russian and foreign technology transfer networks;
  • Assistance in elaboration of projects for participation in various grants, contests, programs;
  • Search for perspective projects on the investor’s request;
  • Elaboration of business plans;
  • Consulting in terms of registration of title in intellectual property;
  • Assistance in creation of small innovation companies;
  • Search for partners and investors for the implementation of innovative projects;
  • Preparation of translations (English);
  • Conducting of tutoring seminars and trainings;
  • Preparation of methodological materials.

The most solicited services of the Center are the assistance in searching for partners for the cooperation in science and technology and consulting in attraction of financial resources for innovative activities development. Within the framework of the first direction, as a rule, a technological offer or request (profile) of the client is prepared and placed by an employee of the Center in the information base of technology transfer networks. For the present day there are over 100 technological profiles in the Center’s base.

Many countries take interest: CIS countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine), EU countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Estonia), Armenia, England, China, the USA, Turkey (tab. 2.4.1).

In total, through the local administrative part the employees of the Center RTTN received over 150 indications; four deals in technology transfer (TT) were made. Success rate in the sphere of TT comprised 5.3% (this rate by foreign technology transfer centers is about 10%).

Within the framework of comprehensive services in innovation investment projects the Center has attracted financing in the amount of 100 million rubles for the implementation of 26 innovative solutions (tab. 2.4.1). They include a project, which has provided the realization of a radical innovation and the entrance of the company – the Center’s client – to its new market (both in Russia and abroad) of the decontamination of solid and conditioning of liquid radioactive waste.

Table 2.4.1. Main indicators of Technology Transfer Center’s activity in 2008 – I–III quarters 2015

Indicator Years Total
2008-2011 2012-2015
Number of supported projects 12 14 26
Amount of attracted financial resources for the implementation of the projects, million rubles 15 85 100
Number of small innovation companies created with the assistance of the Center 3 5 8
Number of additional work positions created with the assistance the Center 10 29 39

Several projects aim at the commercialization of R&D results and are based on improving innovations, for example, the organization of serial production of module container units for the installation of manufacturing water treating equipment and running in climatic hazard; the implementation of innovative water treatment technology, etc. in addition to that, the Center carries out activities to introduce projects of the region’s higher education institutions into the market, for example, attracting financial resources for the implementation of the following projects: special kinds of mineral fertilizers for fibre flax; hybrid power plant for a city car, etc.

With the creation of the Technology Transfer Center the work in this direction in ISEDT RAS became more intense. Taking into account the need of enterprises and individual developers for assistance, it is planned to expand services in scientific, organizational and technical support of innovative projects.