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The Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of RAS has developed the closest collaboration with such scientific institutions as the Institute of Economics of RAS, the Institute of Sociology of RAS, the Institute of Socio-Political research of RAS, the Institute of Socio-Economic Studies of Population of RAS, the Institute for National Economic Forecasts of RAS, the Market Economy Institute of RAS, the Institute of Philosophy of RAS, the Institute of Regional Economic Problems of RAS, the Institute of Economics (the Ural Branch) of RAS, the Institute of Economics Karelian Research Centre of RAS, the Lusin Institute for Economic Studies, the Institute of Socio-Economic and Energy Problems of the North Komi Science Centre, Ural Branch of RAS.

At the present stage of the scientific and organizational development ISEDT RAS promotes its cooperation in the sphere of social studies; it is particularly due to the spirit of the times – focusing of the highest bodies of state authority on the necessity to develop civil society and the improvement of the public administration efficiency due to the usage of social studies’ results as the main criteria for authorities’ performance.

In 2014 ISEDT RAS established a close cooperation with the Institute of Sociology of RAS (IS RAS). Its Director, Academician Mikhail K. Gorshkov, visited the Vologda Oblast several times, delivered public lectures for the ISEDT RAS researchers. ISEDT RAS and IS RAS signed a collaboration agreement, which resulted in ISEDT RAS research associates’ active participation in nationwide projects (“Studying factors that impede the socialization of children from a deprived background, building and approval of their social rehabilitation model”, “Issues of life quality of elderly people”).

Within the frame of the scientific school of A.A. Shabunova related medical, demographic and sociological studies of demographic development, public health, modernization processes develop extensively. In 2014 Russian Science Foundation supported the project “The quality of child population in the context of Russia’ modernization” (No. 14-18-03120), in 2013 ISEDT RAS started its collaboration with the Federal State Institution “National Research Center for Preventive Medicine”, which initiated a prospect study “Epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors in different regions of the Russian Federation (ESSE-RF)”. Within its framework 2000 people in the region have been examined; their vital status will be monitored for several years. This is a multicenter longitudinal epidemiological survey with ISEDT RAS among the participants.

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