Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Research Educational Centre of Economics and Information Technologies

Research Educational Centre (REC) was founded in 2003 by Vologda Scientific Coordinating Centre CEMI RAN (ISEDT RAS since 2009) together with St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics and the Vologda State Technical University. Establishment of the Centre was supported by the Vologda Oblast Government, Vologda City Administration, the Department of Social Sciences, and RAS Presidium.

The school department of REC includes a full-time elective course in economics which is represented by specialized economic classes from Vologda Lyceum no.32, Vologda city classes and Economic Internet-school. The total number of pupils of 5-11th forms comprised 540 people in 2015/2016, including 190 pupils studying in the Economic Internet-school. The city groups and specialized classes are formed on a competitive basis out of pupils from secondary schools of Vologda. Any pupil interested in economics can become a member of the Economic Internet-school. REC’s work includes conducting classes, organizing different activities, excursions, specialized economic shifts, as well as pupils’ participation in contests, Olympiads and conferences. Over 40% of the REC’s graduates enter universities to study economics.

Cooperation between REC and higher education institutions is based on the active inclusion of students into research activities through the organization of internships, contests of research works and conferences. Research associates and postgraduate students of ISEDT RAS conduct training courses, economic lectures and scientific seminars-discussions for students. In 2016 the specialized department of the Vologda State University “Regional economics and management” was established in ISEDT RAS. In 2015/2016 academic year the total number of students working with REC compiled 200 people. Graduates from universities interested in economic research have an opportunity to enter the postgraduate school of ISEDT RAS.

Training scientific personnel of top-qualification is carried out through the master’s courses and postgraduate courses at ISEDT RAS. Since 2017 ISEDT RAS has been offering a master’s program in the field of study “Economics”, profile “Regional economics and territories’ development”. Training is carried out in full-time or extramural forms. The duration of the studying in the full-time form is 2 years, in the extramural form – 2 years and 3 months.

Training in the postgraduate school is carried out in full-time or extramural forms in the field of study “Economics” in the specialties: Economics and Management of National Economy; Finance, Money Circulation and Credit; Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economics. The scientific advisors of postgraduate students are the leading experts of ISEDT RAS and higher education institutions from Vologda, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. The total number of postgraduate students compiled 29 people in 2016. The system of the Research Educational Centre in ISEDT RAS allows receiving qualitative education according to the chain “school-university-postgraduate school-doctoral training” and creates conditions for the training of highly-qualified specialists for the Vologda Oblast.

Supplementary vocational education Since 2016 ISEDT RAS has been organizing supplementary vocational education which includes training in the professional development and retraining programs.