Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

International projects

Participation of ISEDT RAS in the 7th Framework Programme of European Community

In 2012 ISEDT RAS became a member of the international consortium which applied for participation in the program “Socio-economic sciences and humanities” of the 7th Framework Programme – one of the major programs for research support. The coordinator of the consortium became the Center for Social Studies at the Dortmund University (Germany).

In 2013 the project “Social innovations: driving force of social change” (SI-DRIVE) was supported, and ISEDT RAS, the only participating institution of social profile from RAS, became a member of the major international research and technical program for research and technologies development.

The goal of the project is the extension of scientific knowledge about social innovations, realized at the European level and on a global scale, and the study of social, economic, cultural, historical and other aspects of these processes in eight major regions of the world. The work started in 2014 and will continue till 2017.

Today ISEDT RAS does the work at the project together with 15 partners from 12 EU member states and 11 partners from other countries.

Foreign partner institutions