Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Foreign scientific organizations

ISEDT RAS develops cooperation with foreign scientific institutions. It has established working contacts with research organizations from over 30 countries. The database of the Institute’s foreign partners includes 70 foreign organizations, eight times greater than in 2006. Such dynamics is caused by ISEDT RAS researchers’ participation in competitions and grants requiring creation of international consortiums.

On a regular basis the Institute carries out international research-to-practice conferences and seminars that become international platforms for discussion of various issues concerning territories’ socio-economic development.

Currently there are working agreements concerning the exchange of experience, personnel training and joint research with the Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences (P.R. China), the Institute of Business Economics of Eszterházy College (Hungary), the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (Paris), Research and Development Center for Evaluation and Socio-Economic Development (Italy), the Dortmund Technical University (Germany), Catholic University (Lublin, Poland), etc.

Cooperation with foreign partners developed according to a plan; on the average annually two-four agreements were signed. In 2011 the Institute’s international collaboration became more intense due to the inclusion into the 7th Framework Programme of European Community.

Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences (P.R. China)

The Institute develops a productive cooperation with Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences (P.R. China). On a regular basis scientific seminars concerning various issues of the regional development of both countries are held:

  • “Innovative development of underdeveloped regions”(Nanchang, May, 2012);
  • “Modern trends of economic development and income distribution” (Vologda, September, 2012);
  • “Regional innovation systems and economic growth” (Nanchang, May, 2013);
  • “Agricultural economics and social development of rural territories”(Vologda, September, 2013);
  • “Sustainable development and competitiveness of regional economic systems” (Nanchang, May, 2014);
  • “Population quality, resources, environment, territories’ sustainable development in the context of modernization and public administration efficiency” (Vologda, September, 2014). Main subjects of reports: problems of preservation of territories’ ecological and economic sustainability, agricultural development, promotion of population health, and issues concerning industrial development and utilization of alternative sources of energy;
  • “Socio-economic modernization of territories in Russia and China: experience, problems, prospects” (Vologda, September, 2015).

Participants of the Russian-Chinese seminar, 2014

Participants of the Russian-Chinese seminar, 2015

At present, together with the colleagues from the Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences ISEDT RAS prepares a joint monograph on the issues of territories’ development and the regional policy of Russia and China.

Russian-French cooperation

Russian-French scientific seminars became traditional for ISEDT RAS.

On November 12-13, 2004 the research-to-practice seminar “Social policy: problems and perspectives” was held. Among the participants were experts from the Jean Jaurès Foundation (France), research associates from the Department of Social Sciences of RAS, specialists from the Vologda Oblast Government. The discussion was devoted to the issues of population’s health, old-age welfare, poverty reduction, social support, state policy realization, participation of business and community in solving these problems.

On December 10-14, 2007 the Institute held the 34th session of the Russian-French seminar “Monetary problems of the modern Russian economy” organized by the Institute for National Economic Forecasts of RAS. Among the participants there was Jacques Sapir (Professor, director of studies at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS); Jean-Pierre Pajay (councilor at the Center for International Studies of the National Foundation of Political Sciences); Françoise Renverse (Professor at the University of Paris); Julien Vercueil (Director of the Management Department, Professor at the Jean Moulin Institute of Technology of the University of Lyon), and other specialists from France.

Participants of the Russian-French seminar, 2004

On April 1-2, 2010 ISEDT RAS held a regular regional meeting within the Russian-French seminar “Monetary problems of the modern Russian economy: regional aspect” (RHSF grant No. 10-02-14046 (г). Research associates of the Higher School for Humanities (France), the Institute for National Economic Forecasts of RAS, the Southern Federal University, the University of Lyon III (France), the Astrakhan State University, ISEDT RAS, specialists of the Vologda Oblast Government participated in the seminar.

Russian-French seminar, 2010

Participants of the seminar in ISEDT RAS, 2014

On October 27-28, 2014 the research-to-practice seminar “The future of the Russian economy: toward the main challenges” was held, with the participation of professor of the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations INALCO (Paris) Julien Vercueil.

Russian-German cooperation

On February 25-26, 2008 the Russian-German research-to-practice seminar “Current problems of regions’ development in Russia and Germany” took place. Director of the Institute of Modern History of Education and Science of Hannover University, professor M. Heinemann, director of the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences, academician Yu. S. Pivovarov participated in the seminar.

On September 3-5, 2012 ISEDT RAS received an official delegation of research associates from the Center for Social Studies at the Dortmund Technical University (Germany), including Antonius Schröder, member of the directorate council, and Dmitry Domansky, researcher at the Center. The goal of the visit was the discussion of the further cooperation, expansion of international ties, and participation in the seminar “Problems of elaboration and implementation of social innovations”.

Seminar with the colleagues form Germany, 2012

Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Strong scientific ties developed between ISEDT RAS and the leading institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Within the framework of InterAcademy Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on the issues of the development of the Common State, ISEDT RAS studies the subject of interregional cooperation of Russia and Belarus.

From 2009 to 2014 together with the institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus ISEDT RAS carried out system studies according to four projects supported by RSHF and RFBR. On completion 18 scientific publications appeared, containing results of fundamental and applied nature, including specific recommendations on the development of integration ties within the Common State.

Participants of the conference, 2013

Eszterházy Károly University (Eger, Hungary)

In 2011 partners from the Eszterházy Károly University (Eger, Hungary) twice visited ISEDT RAS and participated in the international research-to-practice seminar “Regional socio-economic development: trends and prospects”. During the seminar an idea of a joint perspective research in the sphere of social innovations was conceived.

Participation of ISEDT RAS in the 7th Framework Programme of European Community

In 2012 ISEDT RAS became a member of the international consortium which applied for participation in the program “Socio-economic sciences and humanities” of the 7th Framework Programme – one of the major programs for research support. The coordinator of the consortium became the Center for Social Studies at the Dortmund University (Germany).

In 2013 the project “Social innovations: driving force of social change” (SI-DRIVE) was supported, and ISEDT RAS, the only participating institution of social profile from RAS, became a member of the major international research and technical program for research and technologies development.

The goal of the project is the extension of scientific knowledge about social innovations, realized at the European level and on a global scale, and the study of social, economic, cultural, historical and other aspects of these processes in eight major regions of the world. The work started in 2014 and will continue till 2017.

Today ISEDT RAS does the work at the project together with 15 partners from 12 EU member states and 11 partners from other countries.

Foreign partner institutions