Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Research activity

The goal and subject of the scientific activity of ISEDT RAS is the realization of fundamental, research and applied scientific work, development efforts, implementation of scientific achievements and advanced experience that are aimed at obtaining and practicing new knowledge on the issues of territories’ development, industrial complexes and securing of their sustainable functioning.

Conducting fundamental research is one of the main lines of the Institute’s activity and is carried out within the frame of the Program of fundamental scientific research of National academies of sciences for 2013-2020, approved by the Russian Government Decree No. 2237-r dated December 03, 2012 and the State program of the Russian Federation “Development of science and technology for 2013-2020”, approved by the Russian Government Decree No. 2423 dated December 20, 2012. The Programs of fundamental research of RAS Presidium and the Department of Social Sciences also lend organizational support for the Institute’s scientific work... more »

Scientific events

The promotion of scientific knowledge is impossible without extensive discussion of the results of research activity by representatives of different scholarly traditions, scientists and practitioners. Acknowledged and the most effective forms of such a cooperation are conferences, seminars, etc. ISEDT RAS carries out this work, too. The section presents information about main scientific events organized by ISEDT RAS: conferences, seminars, round tables.

Research results

The Institute develops theoretical and methodological basic concepts for the analysis, mathematical and econometric tools in the areas of activity in accordance with the paragraphs no. 81, 83, 84, 86, 87 of the Program of fundamental scientific research of National academies of sciences for 2013-2020, approved by the Russian Government Decree No. 2237-r dated December 03, 2012. Within the framework of these areas theoretical and methodological basic concepts are developed, methods, methodological approaches and tools are adapted.

Area of research

The goal of ISEDT RAS’ activity is the scientific support of socio-economic reforms. Within the framework of its activity the Institute carries out research in the fields approved by the Resolution of the Presidium of RAS No. 96 dated March 31, 2009.


Every year researchers of ISEDT RAS take part in competitions for grants of RSF, RHSF, RFBR. It is one of the means to call for funding of the most important and promising scientific studies, events, trips to conferences and trainings, scientific publications.

Expert opinions

Expert activity of ISEDT RAS involves scientific investigation of state decisions, first of all concerning science and high-tech solutions, expert review of federal and regional statutes and regulations, programs and strategies for territories’ development, participation as experts in the competitive selection of scientific projects, preparation of analytical reports on regional development.


One of work areas of the Institute within the framework of scientific positioning and marketing is the promotion of publication activity. From 1990 to 2014 in ISEDT RAS over 335 monographs, teaching aids, preprints, conference proceedings, etc., more than 3500 articles of ISEDT RAS researchers and over 75 issues of ISEDT RAS scientific journals have been prepared and published.

Intellectual property

Innovation activity of ISEDT RAS includes commercialization of intellectual property results (creation and registration of small innovative enterprises, databases formation and registration of title in intellectual property), methodological and practical assistance in the development of high-tech production (creation of information systems and databases, development of information and advisory services, transfer and commercialization of technologies, etc.).