Vologda Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute today

The Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of RAS, which existed as the Vologda Scientific Coordinating Center of Central Economic and Mathematical Institute of RAS until March 2009, is the first and the only branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the territory of the Vologda Oblast. Organized in the difficult years of radical economic reforms, the Institute gradually found its place both as in the Department of Social Sciences and in the regional life.

The main outcomes of the last years are the formation of the scientific personnel with active life position, great demand in the Institute’s research, academic community’s support of the new journal published by ISEDT RAS, which combine efforts of the economic institutes of RAS in the Northwestern Federal District, development of international ties.

In order to find a comprehensive solution to the problem of research efficiency increase, ISEDT RAS has established the Research Educational Centre (REC). The main goal of REC is the improvement of the quality of young scientific personnel training. Today in REC pupils, students and postgraduates have an opportunity to study economics in practice. In recent years 40 ISEDT RAS postgraduate students have successfully defended their theses and took the PhDs.

The permanent support from the RAS administration, the effective cooperation with the Vologda Oblast Government and the Vologda city Administration contribute a lot to the successful work of ISEDT RAS.

Aleksandra Anatol'evna Shabunova, Doctor of Economics, Interim Director of ISEDT RAS

ISEDT RAS today comprises:

  • Five research departments
  • Six research laboratories
  • Scientific library (fund – over 16 000 units)
  • More than 270 publications, containing scholar results of the Institute’s scientific personnel.
  • Scientific journal “Economic and Social Changes: facts, trends, forecast” included into the list of the leading reviewed scientific journals and publications.